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Participación del CIDIS en la "International Conference on Information Technology & Systems (ICITS 2018) "

Viernes, 26 Enero, 2018 - 00:00

Entre los días del 10 al 12 de Enero de 2018, en la ciudad de La Libertad, Ecuador, se realizó la “International Conference on Information Technology & Systems (ICITS 2018)”. En esta conferencia la Msc Patricia Suárez, docente de la FIEC e investigadora del CIDIS, presentó el trabajo titulado “Adaptive Harris Corner Detector Evaluated with Cross-Spectral Images”.  Este trabajo también tiene como co-autores al Dr. Angel Sappa y al Dr. Boris Vintimilla.

El resumen de este artículo es: 

AbstractThis paper proposes a novel approach to use cross-spectral images to achieve a better performance with the proposed Adaptive Harris corner detector comparing  its obtained results with those achieved with  images of the visible spectra. The images of urban, field, old-building and country category were used for the experiments, given the variety of the textures present in these images, with which the complexity of the proposal is much more challenging for its verification. It is a new scope, which means improving the detection of characteristic points using cross-spectral images (NIR,G,B) and applying pruning techniques, the combination of channels for this fusion is the one that generates the largest variance based on the intensity of the merged pixels, therefore, it is that which maximizes the entropy in the resulting Cross-spectral images.

Harris is one of the most widely used corner detection algorithm, so any improvement in its efficiency is an important contribution in the field of computer vision. The experiments conclude that the inclusion of a (NIR) channel in the image as a result of the combination of the spectra, greatly improves the corner detection due to better entropy of the resulting image after the fusion, Therefore the fusion process applied to the images improves the results obtained in subsequent processes such as identification of objects or patterns, classification and / or segmentation.

Puede encontrar la publicación aquí

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