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Technology transfer is a process of transmission of technological knowledge and technical between the university and society, to develop new applications and technologies at the service and use thereof, so it is a critical factor for the process of innovation and competitiveness.

The objective of Technological Transfer axis is to act as a lead thread between the Society and the University through CIDIS.



In this context, the Center for Research, Development and Innovation of Computer Systems - CIDIS - makes available to the industrial sector, government institutions and society in general its services:

  • Advising or consulting
  • Development of specific and customized projects
  • Sponsored research
  • Business and social innovation

The technical areas within which these services are offered are:

  • Computer Vision
  • Field and Service Robotics
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Control of Energy Systems
  • Embedded Systems.

In general, these works are executed through the establishment of a collaboration agreement or contract between university-company (or government) to carry out a project of common or personalized interest. CIDIS offers comprehensive technical support to meet the needs of companies and organizations.

It is important to indicate that the hiring of a university center for the realization of projects to companies or organizations can generate important fiscal advantages.


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